DATA CRUNCH: Who’s Tweeting On Project Runway’s Fan Favorite Competition?


The following is a submission from Peter O’Leary, the husband of SF’s Fashionable Fun blogger Michele Gates. Peter is the V.P. of Customer Operations at marketing analytics company Quantivo. The original post can be found HERE.


My wife Michele is a big fan of Project Runway and Elena Slivnyak, a contestant on this season of the show, is a friend of hers. This season, Project Runway is running a “Fan Favorite” campaign ( with each vote being submitted via Twitter. Michele has been Tweeting like mad for the past several days and got to wondering how much of an effect her Tweets were having.

Our friends at DataSift ( have a great service which we use to record and download Social Media data. It took me only a few minutes to set up a Stream, record it and submit a Historic Query ( to grab Tweets which happened in the past. It took me only a few minutes more to load all these Tweets into Quantivo and begin running some queries.

A couple of charts for those who are interested. These are current as of 10am Pacific time this morning August 9th.

This first chart shows the number of Tweets per day per Team since Season 10 first aired. Click on the image to enlarge it. You can clearly see the two frontrunners – Elena and Melissa – popping. BTW, this charts show the actual number of Tweets which is not necessarily the number that you will see on the Fan Favorite page. Some of these Tweets have been filtered out and I haven’t figured out yet the exact algorithm for filtering:


This second chart shows the number of different Tweeters who are Tweeting for each Team each day. Again, the frontrunners pop but #TeamElena in particular stands out as having a very broad base of support:

Finally, here’s a chart which shows the number of Tweets per Source, i.e. which Twitter tool is being used to generate the Tweets:



That’s it for now. If you are interested in this data or want to find out how to put your company’s Twitter data into Quantivo¬†let me know.Peter O’Leary
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