Dancing with the Pros: Complimentary Dance Lesson at Santana Row


Dance like a pro on the Row

If you are like me and never miss one episode of ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars, then get ready to put on your dancing shoes. This Saturday February 13, 2010, from 3:00 pm to 5 pm, you can receive a complimentary dance lesson from professional Ballroom instructors from Cheryl Burke Dance, in Park Valencia.  Not only will you learn a few new dance moves, you will also be entered to win a Romance package that includes dinner for two at Santana Row, a free one night stay at Hotel Valencia, and complimentary dance classes at Cheryl Burke Dance.

So grab your dancing partner and head on over to the Row this Saturday for a fun afternoon of Ballroom dance lessons; who knows, you may just get three 10’s your first time.

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