Confidence comes with Easy A


Easy A delivers a comic performance and is testimony to the fact that confidence in fashion can get you far. A modern day Scarlet Letter, Olive Penderghast insinuates to the school’s tattletale that she’s lost her virginity. This scandal furnishes the character with a promiscuous reputation and in order to keep up with her new-found image, Olive parallel’s her experience to Hester Prynne by embroidering an A to every piece of her clothing.

The “Let’s not but say we did mentally”gives Olive the self-esteem she needs to do things that she’s never had the courage to do–talk to boys, fire snarky comments at her nemesis, and wheedle financial gain–all the more reason to embrace this new mindset.

So run-of-the mill girls, if you are hard up on making a change and sick of your disregarded self, here’s advice for you: Throw out your self-doubt.  Stand up straight and walk tall. If it takes you to going to extremes to get out of your comfort zone and make a statement then I say go for it!

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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