Cinequest Empowering Mavericks


Tramping through San Jose’s splashy sidewalks will lead to the countless restaurants and cafes lining its rain drenched streets with this poster on display.  It’s a badge indicating the establishment’s endorsement of the city’s premiere film festival, this year being its 20th installment.

Representing Silicon Valley’s progressive state of being, Cinequest is one of the first film festivals to embrace digital technology within the film industry.  Its founders see it as a channel that empowers mavericks, who, in their words, act as a catalyst of dynamic change in a cookie cutter world.

Soiree Shutterbugs

This two week event (Feb. 23 – Mar. 7) draws a diverse crowd to the downtown area including film makers from 44 countries.  Helium Radar is going to take full advantage, cameras drawn, ready to snap any of the action, and of course fashion, that cross our lines of sight.

Aside from the top-notch films showing at the California Theater and the downtown Camera Cinemas, there will be plenty of bars and restaurants taking part in the action you may be interested in.  Check the Cinequest site for details.

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