CFS: Kent Denim's Noah Landis discusses his new Summer line


Noah Landis has a keen eye for how a collection should come together on the runway. After Kent Denim’s success at Helium Magazine’s Atomic Fashion Show, Landis’ talent was recruited for Stanford’s Charity Fashion Show.

Landis envisions CFS as a proving grounds for his latest line, taking a bold approach to the audience experience. Appearing at the Stanford show is the Spring/Summer 2011 line. Expect to see a fresh take on the bike messenger and tribal aesthetics: the urban man escaping daily routine in favor of pastoral origins.

Kent Denim uses its roots in denim as its foundation on which all other pieces are built and has developed a clothing line that passes all the audience-centric, fashion show test drives and receives Landis’ stamp of approval for style and quality.


Helium: Just to get warmed up, how did you get involved with the CharityFashion Show?

Noah Landis: Charity Fashion Show saw my collection at the Helium show. After which I was invited to participate in the Charity event.

H: What should we be keeping our eyes peeled for at the show i.e. new pieces or accessories, buttonups, jackets from the kent collection?
NL: You can expect a really great put together collection.  I am showing spring summer 2011 and the theme is bike messengers of the Serengeti.  Every show I do i build on the collection and the runway experience as well.  Its going to be  really fun to watch, very dramatic in the way the pieces are presented on the runway. It tells a story of the modern man freeing himself from the abyss of social order and going against the grain towards tribal roots of the cyclist spirit of being free.

H: Your main focus is on denim, will you be showing any of the dead-stock denim at CFS? What cuts are available?

NL: I am glad you asked that.  The dead stock collection itself is a very niche product, and its offered only at select retailers, in San Francisco… Free Gold Watch is the only store that sells this. Blues Jean Bar carries the more mainstream readily available denim, still amazing jeans.  Kent denim comes in sim leg and relaxed fits all available at the Blue Jean Bars location in San Francisco and San Jose.  Be sure to look at the yoke details, though— there are some surprises to be seen.

H: How did you choose the pieces showing at CFS, is there a theme involved?

NL: The fashion story for this collection is called bike messengers of the Serengeti. I touched on the theme earlier. What was a lot of fun was doing a collection with such juxtaposition.  I still have my great shirtings and clean denim, but I was able to really flip it around and some really fun funky patterns and cuts along with some accessory designs as well.

H: There is definitely a maturation going from the ss’09 line to the  fw’10 line. You know, tanks vs. buttonups, that sort of thing. Talk about the inspiration for the two different lines as well as the direction you are currently taking Kent Denim.

NL: Starting out I had the basic jean, and of course it progressed, i added my bold graphic tanks and T’s you mentioned.  I add pieces when they make sense, and the line has a very natural progression.  Its all about testing the water and putting together an entire package, and what compliments the jeans.  It also represents the progression of the brand, as you mentioned the maturity of the brand.  I add pieces when I am able to find the right material. Quality is very important and
I have to make sure what I use is what my consumer wants to have and
to make sure they get a garment they are going to have for a long time.
Kent is more than just great jeans but great menswear pieces, and will offer
men effortless style.

Interview by Jerome Ilagan



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