CFS Rocks Aksel


Some designers in Charity Fashion Show are local. Some are from around the world. And some are Stanford Alumni.

But featured in CFS’s new editorial campaign is a line that brings the best of all three worlds. Aksel Paris designer Yazid Aksas is a French visionary that came to the United States to further his business education (earning an MBA from Stanford). The self-titled “serial entrepreneur” had a taste for designing his own shirts and realized he should make more of them.

Aksel describes his original 23 designs as “sleek, European-tailored, slim fit, button-down crafted from 100% pure cotton and featuring a number of intimate details. Each Aksel style boasts an extra tall, three-inch high collar, a bold contrasting interior and statement cuffs that are quietly bespoke for the office and subtly spectacular out of the town.”

Find your shirt at, and find that you are pleasantly surprised that these distinctively luxurious shirts are under $100.

Model Ofeo T wearing Le Mommessin; Aksel Paris

Shoot: Aksel Part 2: Men!
Ft. Orfeo T, Kyle Patrick O’Malley, Dan Thompson, Ronnie Lopez, Teak Sowaprux, Dan Ha, and Kiyan Williams
Artistic Direction: Lani Wyche/Maxine Lim
Photo Editing: Cameron Henry
Hair: Thom Scher
Makeup: Wendy Tran

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