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Coming a long way from her rags story and her start with her self-proclaimed “Revamp, the little outdoor boutique,” self-taught Danielle Pettee doesn’t forget the inspiration that drives her to continue designing and making dresses. Romance and the desire to make every woman feel their best in the most unusual ways, Danielle finds scraps from outlets and dyes her own fabrics to custom make dresses for her clients. Danielle is showing a whole new collection for CFS this year and takes a break in production to speak to Helium’s Amanda Holst on fabrics, inspiration, and romance.

Helium: What are you working on for this year’s show?

Danielle Pettee: Metallic dye, leather, lots of leather, detailing knit, crochet.

I call it “The good will of fabric.”

All of my collection is being specifically made for the Charity Fashion Show this year. I’m very excited. There’s lot of bright colors. It’s my best collection yet.

H: Where do you get your inspiration to create your unique designs?

DP: My different mood swings. I’m like a chameleon; I change to my surroundings. It’s different all the time. My outfit is complimentary to the mood I’m having.

H: How did you get your start?

DP: I quit my job and took my last paycheck to old vintage shops and bought old prom dresses. I then sold them on a rack on the streets. I put a sign up that read, “Revamp, the outdoor boutique.” I then started to make my own stuff and make dresses for clients now. That was nine months ago.

H: Who are your favorite designers?

DP: It’s not the designer that inspire me so much as the different seasons; that’s my true inspiration.

H: Can you tell me about the fabrics & materials you use for your designs?

DP: Whatever I find. I believe in reusing fabric, so I buy all my own fabrics from scraps which I call the goodwill of crafts.

H: If you could design a dress for yourself what would it look like?

DP: I wear everything I make. I wouldn’t sell anything I wouldn’t wear.

H: What is your message you are trying to get in your theme of clothes?

DP: I want more romance and color for woman.

Black bores me.

Black is so boring women need to bring more color in their life.

H: What are you showing at Charity Fashion Show this year?

DP: Metallic fabric, dyes, and bright colors.

H: What advice would you give to someone starting in the fashion industry?

DP: To stay true to their aesthetic and never half-ass anything.

H: You’ve moved a lot. How do you think this influenced your design?

DP: Not much. I’m into traveling just for the fun of it. Most of my inspiration came from San Francisco. I am most inspired by the color in San Francisco.

H: What is the most difficult thing about your job?

DP: Pleasing the client 100% and making sure I give them every detail they want.

Photos Courtesy of Danielle Pettee
Interview by Amanda Holst

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