Byzantine Jewels Bring Glamour to the Runway


There is no distinct border, no line or way to separate where art and fashion come together to form what we call fashion design. It really is something magical, the way both entities ooze and mesh to create the wonderful things we see come down the runway. A designer can be considered both a fashion architect and an artist and vice versa. But when it comes to fashion, designers have the upper hand, in that they create their art with unconventional tools and materials that the artistic elite only shun.

For designer Phillip Noynosoudachanh, his tool of choice is to paint with the very light that we see with. His designs are always full of sparkle and bright reflections, though his intricate bead-work instills in us the memories of empires long lost. His latest collection, “Jewels of Byzantine,” form the inspirations that came from the mosaics and tinted glass that frame some of Europe’s oldest and most sacred temples, was full of light and sparkle. The young designer managed to take the inspiration from something centuries old and present it in a way that the average woman could enjoy today.

Phillip is as unique as his upbringing, growing up with free-spirited Thai and Egyptian roots, and having crisscrossed the globe as a child. He has lived both in South Africa and Thailand.

Phillip may be fledgling on the fashion scene, but don’t underestimate him. He already has an award-winning collection for marketability on his resume since taking top honors at the American River College Identity Fashion Show held on May 6, 2011. His “Jewels” collection was dripping with sparkle. Everywhere you turned there were hand-beaded details and lots of shine. A palette of luxurious colors like gold, deep teal, and maroons dominated his separate’s collection. His collection’s signature was indefinitely the beadwork. So much goes into his delicate hand- beading that it’s not until you see one of his garments up close that you appreciate their true beauty. Beadwork itself is truly a labor of love.

Phillip won the most marketable award for “Jewels of Byzantine,” but as he explained, it is not the only side of his design esthetic. He is not just designing for the racks in your local mall, and I can only describe him as a happy marriage of the two extremes of fashion. One minute he is busy creating for the average woman in mind, and later pumps up the volume and drama for a completely off-the-wall collection featuring things like giant Paper Mache Hello Kitty costumes. If fashion was bipolar, it might just be a good thing. Phillip is just worried about his vision and how to best execute what he sees, feels, and dreams up, as there is no room for anything else. When asked about his fashion goals are where he sees himself in the future, he explained that he hopes to be more than just a fashion designer. His next step is to get into the world of fashion accessories; a place where sparkle and shine, and his Byzantine flair will surely be welcome.

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Profile by Alicia Alvarez

Photos Courtesy of D and M Studios


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