Bye, Bye Betty – "Ugly Betty" Series Finale


The beauty of “Ugly Betty”

For all you fellow “Ugly Betty” fans out there, I’m sure you were glued in front of your TV set, as I was, to get your final dose of Betty before she went off the air for good on April 14, 2010. After four seasons, the show’s executive producer, Silvio Horta, was ready to have Betty leave Mode magazine and the airwaves on a high note.

For those of us dedicated to the show from the very beginning, we have been with Betty (America Ferrera) on her tumultuous journey up the not-so-easy fashion magazine ladder as she made her way out of Queens and the comforts of home and into the high-life of Manhattan-living and the fast-paced world of fashion. But even though Betty did not fit in with the fashionistas at Mode, her determination and never-die attitude helped her rise in the ranks; going from Daniel Meade’s (Eric Mabius) assistant to being offered an editor’s position in London; a true “dreams can come true” story.

However, “Ugly Betty” was not just a show about the underdog making  it in the big city and breaking into the cut-throat fashion magazine industry; every episode had a moral. Although Betty, with her shiny braces, frizzy hair, and signature red-rimmed glasses stood-out like a jagged multi-colored rock (with her mismatched outfits) among the dazzling plethora of beautifully polished diamonds that were the models and fashion-conscious employees of Mode, her winning spirit, go-get-them attitude, and overall bubbly personality eventually won the hearts of those who at first despised her and her lack of style. At the same time, Betty also proved that despite all appearances, authenticity, being true to oneself, and hard work is the key to success and prosperity in the end.

For most “Ugly Betty” fans, we were not ready to have the show come to an end, but at least the show’s producers had everything fall into place, as all the characters got what they wanted: Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) became editor-in-chief of Mode, Hilda (Ana Ortiz) married Bobby (Adam Rodriguez) her high school crush, Justin (Mark Indelicato) finally came-out of the closet, Mark (Michael Urie) got his promotion as creative director, Amanda (Becki Newton) found her long-lost father, and of course Betty (American Ferrera), as mentioned above, was offered a great position as editor at a magazine in London. The only disappointment was that Daniel (Eric Mabius) and Betty (America Ferrera) did not officially end up together in the end, even though the previous episode alluded to that fact. However, the fact that Daniel passed the title of editor-in-chief to Wilhelmina and followed Betty to London indicates that they just might end up together after all; at least that’s the ending in my final cut.

I know you Betty fans were sad to see “Ugly Betty” make its last curtain-call, but at least you can take this moral of the story with you: dare to be different, be yourself, and never give up on your dreams.

Adios Betty, we’ll miss you.


Sounds like this show had a huge following. Despite being pushed around ABC's schedule (which was why I never got into it), Ugly Betty was nominated for 19 Emmys and won for Best Actress, Best Director, and Outstanding Casting in 2007. Kudos, I say.

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