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There are certain combinations out there that can’t be beaten.  There’s turkey and avocado on Dutch crunch – marvelous.  One can’t neglect to mention Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and the triangle offense – deadly.  And of course Sunday morning sunshine, bicycles and breakfast.  It would take a force of nature to standup to combinations like these.

 Now to discuss our last combination I’ll have to bring you back to last weekend, which is when all of this greatness came together to create Breakfast and Baskets, the first installment of a monthly breakfast ride with SJ Fixed.

 Usually the Bay Area is known for weather on an even keel but being an El Nino year, it’s been nothing but fickle.  So if you have the chance to ride your bike with a t-shirt and sunglasses you better get in on it while you can.

 I met up with the guys at SJF at the San Jose State Event Center (the usual meet-up spot for the weekly Tuesday and Thursday rides.)  This group is most notorious for their fixed gear riding and trick sessions but today all bikes, from cruisers to tricycles, were welcomed for this easy jaunt.

The vine-covered patio was filled to capacity and hungry patrons were spilling into the sidewalk as our pack rode in.  Luckily, Kevin, who put the ride together, thought ahead and called to reserve a big enough table to fit all the riders (sans bikes) into the patio.

 From what I saw most of the breakfasteers were young – and tanned.  There was the occasional elderly couple enjoying, a no doubt, longstanding Sunday brunch.  Attire hit the entire range of the spectrum – from the median: t-shirts/polos and jeans/shorts, to the scruffy: sweatpants and undershirts/tank tops, and the dressy: selvage denim and dressier tops.

Here’s a look at some of SJF before the ride.

Here’s Kevin, the mastermind behind this ride hydrating before we all head out.  I wish I got a picture of his all-black cruiser from fashion designer Paul Smith.  Messenger bags and backpacks designed with cyclists in mind usually have a cellphone pocket that’s within arm’s reach like the one seen here.  And of course Wayfarers are always welcome on days like this one.

Jessica and her friend ride in v-necks, which definitely helps the air flow to vital parts on these sunny days.  Extra points for the helmet Jessica!

Marc and Tyson are living up this Sunday.  Cutoffs have always been a fixed gear riding staple, possibly because their chains chew up all their pant legs and make it a necessity, but who knows.  Tyson sports an interesting corduroy variation while Marc shows off this beauty of a Savers find.  It sort of reminds me of a watercolor I’ve seen somewhere.

This is Sean, an obvious Star Wars fan.  No need to be ashamed buddy, you’re in good company on the Radar blog.  At first glance the print looks just like any Star Wars tee – I didn’t notice till after I went through the pictures that Skywalker and Darth Vader are both ripping on guitar, sweet!

I usually like to wrap up with the best/funniest picture, and this time I think I might have outdone myself.  This is a cinnaroll that Sean ordered at Bill’s.  It wouldn’t have tasted as good without the links on the side.  Syrup on everything, yes!

(Shut your mouth, you’re drooling on the keyboard)

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gift baskets online

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