Aristocrats: Urban Boutique


If anything describes Aristocrats, unique Japanese concept would be it. Aristocrats, located downtown in Japantown offers clothes and accessories to fit the urban street wear style.

This store offers unique styles of shoes, caps, jackets, watches, sunglasses and graphic tees.  Underground brands include C & C, Breezy Excursion, Dimepiece, G Shocks, & Mishka.

Local graphic artists’ work can be seen at this store’s location and they carry all the flyers to all the local shows, if you’re interested in knowing where the hottest shows are.

Best for the customer ages 18-25.

Upcoming Event: January 21, 2011- Yellow is the new Black: exhibit by street artist Girafa

Store Location: 161 Jackson Street, San Jose

Contact Info: 408-885-0727

Review by Amanda Holst

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