Going Firal: ADHT Shirts Find Comedy In Anthropomorphic Animals


Every once in a while a fashion “trend” is born that could only exist or thrive on the internet. We call this “Firal” — or Fashion going Viral. Sometimes it’s men wearing clothes the way that women wear men’s clothes and other times it’s a dog wearing people clothes.

Today, it’s a t-shirt company called “ADHT shirts” that is on its way to the front page of imgur. More than just a witty a name, the designs focus solely on the comedy associated with anthropomorphic animals.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if a (insert animal) was (insert human thing)?”

I think their new “marketing images” explain it better than I can.

ADHT-shirts adht shirts ADHT Shirts ADHT Shirts ADHT Shirts ADHT Shirts

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