3 Bad Fashion Habits to Break


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A habit is something that you do regularly without ever thinking about it because you have done it so many times. Some habits are easy to break, while others– not so much. In fashion, bad habits come easy but are hard to break. Consider dropping the following three fashion behaviors immediately. Not only do these habits leave you with an empty void to fill they leave you with no fashion sagacity!

Falling off the Precipice of Fashion

So a few trendy people start wearing something so smart and up-to-the-minute that you can’t help but join them. After a while though, have you noticed that the trend isn’t so cutting edge anymore because EVERYONE is doing it? Before you let adoration get in the way of you and your closet, remember that what makes the falling off the precipice of fashion habit so bad is that there is not really anywhere to go but down hill.

Shop Til You Drop

Do you buy stuff that you don’t need but the deal was too good to pass up? Do you have a ton of clothes that still have the tags on hanging in the closet? Compulsive shopping may have almost ruined model and fashion writer Avis Cardella\’s life, but it doesn’t have to ruin yours. Break this unruly habit by filling in your inner voids and and finding satisfaction in other areas of your life. Sometimes life can be better spent focusing on the things you do have.

Living life behind the scenes as a fashion paparazzi

You have the latest season’s trends, you’re a fashion informant to all your friends and you have every subscription to every fashion magazine- let’s face it, you’re obsessed!  Being devoted to fashion is much different then being obsessed with fashion– and we all know that true fashionites don’t even follow the trends. So before this bad habit starts taking over your personal freedom, bring back to focus the reasons why you fell in love with fashion in the first place and start living in front of the camera.

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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