2-Part Series on Fashion Misconceptions/ Part 1: Guys


Misconceptions: they’re everywhere.  They are the reasons why we don’t try new things or pull the reigns on something when we do.  In fashion, misconceptions limit the possibilities and stunt our fashion growth.  This week the fallacies of guy fashion take center stage.

Misconception: Guys Hate Shopping

It’s not that a guy hates going shopping, it’s that if what he’s looking for can’t be found in ten minutes or less then it’s not worth his time.  Browsing, strolling, or wandering is not for the guy who knows exactly where to go to find what he’s looking for.  Point blank, guys just don’t fall for the multiple choices or insecurities that can arise in the dressing rooms.  The extra time that goes into the sales rack or the mulling over unexpected shoe purchases can be spent on more substantial things.

Misconception: Belts and Shoes HAVE to Match

There is nothing wrong with wanting to match, but thinking that your belt has to exactly match your shoes is a common misconception.  Matching within the same color family not only expands your horizons but it also expands your wardrobe as well.  For example chestnut brown matches camel brown but blue suede does not match blue suede.  You have to look at the entire outfit and coordinate accordingly.  Keeping the style consistent (dressy belts for dressy shoes), dressing for the occasion (wider belts for casual wear), and keeping within the basic rules (DON’T wear a thin belt with jeans and NEVER wear black with brown) will keep you free of this misconception.

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Misconception: Trendy Styles Don’t Catch On For Guys

New trends are recognized by the average Joe, but let’s face it, trying a new trend can take a bit of courage.  Guys have their own insecurities just like girls do, but you can see how easily trends can be influenced by movies and the media; take John Travolta’s bell bottoms trend in Saturday Night Fever.  So while some trends don’t ever catch on (like male skirts), be assured that that smaller calibers of fashion catch on faster and are happening much more frequently.  The guys who are rebelling against this misconception will be the ones wearing military fashions and Kent style suits this fall season.

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Misconception: Accessorizing is Only For Women

Wearing accessories is not reserved for the opposite sex any more. Guys not being able to express themselves through a little bling has been making this misconception a misdemeanor. Watches, sunglasses, and hats, have always been accessories for the guy who favors function over fashion.  However, messenger bags, cufflinks, and tie bars are emerging for the guy who wants to creep in a little bit of style as well.  Make sure your accessories match your other ones, like your belt buckle and watch.  The last thing you want is to turn into this season’s fashion mistake.

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Misconception: Guys are restricted to Masculine Colors

Dark grays, blues, and browns have been the norm for guys so anything out of this realm of color might be intimidating, right?  While guys shouldn’t run straight to florescent colors to make a statement, they shouldn’t give up experimenting all together either.  Lighter versions of the colors that you’ve gotten to know and love can make this misconception a thing of the past. Chose colors that enhance your skin and hair tone.  The darker you are the brighter the color you can wear.  Try wearing one bold color at a time for an eye-catching appeal and complement your color with the appropriate shades of color.

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Do you think these misconceptions are true?  What other misconceptions do you think guys have when it comes to fashion?  I’d love to hear what you think!

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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